Autonomy of Motivation

“The predisposition of influence negates the autonomy of motivation,

But a lack of inclination may foster destructive causation.”

(My mother and Our Mother)

My Mother and Our Mother

The authority of life and the influence of self,

As the sapling becomes the enduring evergreen,

A stream of consciousness develops,


The small voice that remains still in the symphony of circumstance,

Where men are persuaded to obey the sway of the land,

You Lost boys, that wander in wilderness,

Hold still, be one within, and remember a mother’s tenderness


The Mother’s love is benevolent and even malignant,

A mental tug of war of nature and nurture that creates an internal enigma

                              I vision, I witness,

the infant terrapin born of the sea sands, persisting towards the distance,

                             In this brutal instance

 Our Mothers test progress and stiffens,

 I digress, assess, take a breath, and my mama’s voice I listen.


Don’t succumb to your environment,

For sure, the nature of curiosity is exciting,

But when Gaia tempts, and exonerates virtuous exaggeration,

Show patience—but don’t be mistaken—that mother’s allure is astounding.

Be still, and conscious with your surroundings,

                          Or you will Plummet into the swells of nothing!


My Mother and Our Mother both influenced me

they both raised me

They both criticized and made me

And now that I Am Thee, that identifies as Me

I understand, neither of she defines He.

My mother and our mother

Dominique Harris

Dominique A Harris
Atlanta, Ga

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